segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

"The Poem I Didn’t Write", Raymond Carver

"Here is the poem I was going to write
earlier, but didn’t
because I heard you stirring.
I was thinking again
about that first morning in Zurich.
How we woke up before sunrise.
Disoriented for a minute. But going
out onto the balcony that looked down
over the river, and the old part of the city.
And simply standing there, speechless.
Nude. Watching the sky lighten.
So thrilled and happy. As if
we’d been put there
just at that moment."

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  1. R: Se lhe tivesse acontecido alguma coisa não tinha ido para a praia no dia seguinte. E depois foi sair com outras pessoas no fim de semana seguinte. E continua sem dizer nada